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Welcome to Lazy Sunday Bath Bombs and Beauty Products

At Lazy Sunday Bath Bombs we are very proud to support charities in a variety of ways. For some of these charities, 10% of profits from your orders are donated to them, for others we provide goods that can help them raise money. Below you will find a list of charities that we support.

Financial Donations:

Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales (FTWW): FTWW provides a magnitude of online support, runs campaigns for womens issues and so much more! FTWW has been involved in contributing to the NICE guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of endometriosis which guides medical professionals all over the UK how to diagnose and treat Endometriosis. FTWW has also been campaigning for improved recognition of the many girls and women on the spectrum (ASD) around the UK. FTWW is also running campaigns on miscarriage, EDS and Menopause in Wales. You can find out more about FTWW here: here.

She Can Consultancy: She Can Consultancy provides in person and online PTSD recovery programs, along with one day and weekend retreats free of charge. Along with this, She Can has launched a campaign focusing on child sexual abuse. The campaign has 3 key areas: Child Houses, Sentencing Guidelines and Victim Protection. This work is incredibly important for protecting children that have been sexually abused, and helping those that have been abused in the past to move forward. You can find out more here: here.

Charities and events we provide goods to:

EndoMarch (Wales): We are so happy to be able to provide packs to then EndoMarch Wales team. These packs will be raffled off in order to raise money for future marches and campaigning. You can learn more about the worldwide EndoMarch here.

Jaimee Rae’s EndoWall: Situated in Cardiff, the EndoWall is an amazing piece of artwork that draws attention and creates awareness for Endometriosis. You can find out more, and get your name added, here.

Endo Fife Charity Ball: Taking place on March 17th, 2018, the Endo Fife Charity Ball is hoping to raise awareness about Endometriosis and to raise funds for Endometriosis UK.

FTWW Fundraising event: A family funday in support of FTWW? What could be better! We are more than happy to support Donya in her efforts to raise awareness and money for the Fair Treatment For the Women of Wales!

Swansea Trauma Support: Their mission is “to transform lives by providing practical and emotional support to women integrating various models for self-help and healing”, and for us that means we want to support his amazing organisation! They provide so many important services to the people in need in the Swansea area, so we want to give a little back. You can find out more about Swansea Trauma Support here.

Is there a charity you think we should support? Or are you raising money for a charity yourself? Use the Contact Us page to get in touch and we will do our best to help you!


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